Emphasizing the art of the documentary

  • Something in the Water (2013) - Editor

    Something in the Water explores the efforts taken to rebuild and revitalize the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas in the aftermath of Katrina and the BP oil spill.


    Producer/Director - Keefer Esteves


    This film is currently in post-production and will be released in early 2013.

  • Women in Red (2008) - Producer/Director/Editor

    Women in Red explores the past and present of stereotypes associated with redheaded women. 19 mins.


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  • Women @ Work (2008) - Editor

    "Women @ Work" is a documentary that explores the lives of three women who have worked in traditionally male roles. 18 mins.


    Producer/Director - Anna Dewell Bussart

  • Global Rivers Project Funding Trailer (2008) - Editor

    This trailer was presented as part of a funding presentation for UNESCO for the Global Rivers project, a documentary by five international crews about communities and their rivers. 2 mins.


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  • MUM-A-MIA! The History of a Texas Tradition (2007) - Producer/Director

    The giving, receiving and wearing of the homecoming mum is a tradition as huge as the great state of Texas. MUM-A-MIA! explores the past and present of this quircky, expensive and often mind-boggling high school experience. 18 mins.


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  • Forged (2007) - Editor

    Behind the ruckus guitar and screeching growls lies the powerful passion of metal music and the bands that perform it. 17 mins.


    Producer/Director - Sarah Gibson


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  • Reversing the Odds (2007) - Cinematography/Still Photography

    Through the miracle of DNA technology, three women reopened their sexual assault "cold" cases to find out who sexually assaulted them (more than 20 years after their attacks). The film reveals the motivations behind their desires to find their attackers, the new community of women in which they found themselves and what the result of the DNA search happened to be. 17 mins.


    Producer/Director - Meta Newhouse

  • Hooker (2007) - Editor

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    As a little girl, Whitney Lee made a latch-hook rug of a pink heart with "LOVE" spelled across it. Now the Austin-based artist uses the kitschy craft to depict naked ladies of all shapes, sizes and ethnicitices in a positive adn empowering way. One of Whitney's first rugs depicted a classical reclining nude and was based on a real photograph of nude model Syndney Moon. In the film, Whitney and Sydney meet for the first time and start a dialogue about images of women, personal pressures and the value of their work. 8 mins.


    Producer/Director/Cinematographer - Jessica Schoenbaechler


    Read a 2009 interview with Jessica and watch the film on ShortFilmTexas.com.

  • The Year After (2007) - Sound

    In 2006, the town of Cross Plains, Texas, population 1000, lost 106 homes in a grassfire. A year after the fire, the town is better than ever, showing that a small town can teach a big lesson about human determination and the definition of "home". 17 mins.


    Producer/Director - Liz Daggett

  • The Herd (2006) Producer/Director/Editor

    Every day, 15 head of Texas Longhorns are drive through Fort Worth's history Stockyards to reenacte the cattle drives of the late 1800s. Ride with us as we take an exciting look at the ways the Fort Worth Herd preserves its city's treasured past. 12 mins.


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    Read this 2009 article and view the whole film on ShortFilmTexas.com