Emphasizing the art of the documentary

  • Jennifer L. Horst

    Jennifer L. Horst is an avid traveler. She has backpacked across a good portion of continental Europe and even spent a year abroad living and working in Dublin, Ireland and London, England, where everyone thought she was a native because of fiery red hair.


    Jennifer enjoys history, art and music in addition to her love of documentary story-telling and photography. She is also a craft brewery enthusiast and is committed to continually expanding her knowledge on what it takes to brew a well-crafted beer.


    Jennifer's first film was a short documentary detailing the experiences of two men who survived the Bataan Death March. Since then, she has produced, crewed, and edited films covering a variety of topics such as Texas' cultural heritage, feminism, and modern cultural identities. Jennifer is currently researching several documentary projects right now and hopes to begin production on her next project in early 2013.


    Jennifer is a native Fort Worthian, a fervent Texan and will regale anyone who will listen with the reasons why Texas is the best place on earth. Her most popular film to date is the 2007 short "MUM-A-MIA! The History of a Texas Tradition", a film that was described by an audience member at the 2007 Dallas Video Festival screening as "the most naturally funny documentary" he had seen to that point.


    Jennifer has a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio, Television and Film from the University of Texas at Austin as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree in Documentary Film Production from the University of North Texas. She currently lives and works in Dallas.


  • Screenings

    Jennifer's work has screened at a variety of venues since the early 2000s. Examples include the following:


    Dallas Video Festival

    Chick Flicks (Women in Film Dallas)

    Langden Arts Festival

    International Christian Film Festival

    Daytona Beach Film Festival

    Hells Half Mile Festival

    South Padre Island Film Festival

    "Classics at the Modern" Film Series, Fort Worth, Texas



  • Interviews

    2009 ShortFilmTexas.com interview about "The Herd"


    2009 ShortFilmTexas.com interview about editing "Women @ Work"